A Guide to 10 Days in Japan

10 DAYS IN JAPAN SUGGESTED ITINERARY – An Insight of The Country For The First Timers

ABOUT JAPAN TRIP Japan should be in the must visit list of any traveller. From their high technology to their farms, their culture to their helpful nature, there are so many things people will learn from this country. Japan is the neatest city I have ever visited.  Japan’s transportation system is the best in the world and trains were always on time. People were extremely caring and helpful. They were all very gentle and soft-spoken. Here I…

A Guide to JR PASS of Japan


JR (Japan Railway) Pass is a special pass only for tourists visiting Japan. Train fares in Japan are very very high and this pass helps you save money and at the same time help you to explore maximum places in Japan. It is not available to local citizens of Japan. Just round trip from Tokyo to Kyoto via fast train combined with one-way pass from Narita Airport to Tokyo via Narita Express costs the same as entire…