About Me

Hi Friends,

I am a working professional and travelling is my hobby. I am passionate about exploring new places and before travelling to a destination I do a detailed research about the best places to visit, best time to travel, best location to stay, how to travel in and around the city, taking a decision whether booking a day tour is required or not, approx. budget calculation etc. These are just a few basic things I keep in mind before setting up what I think is a good itinerary based on limited travel time working people like myself have.

My aim is to make the visit most memorable in the limited time one has in hand. I have experienced that when we go through any blogs on the Internet, it shows all the big, small, good or bad places as a MUST VISIT and the ratings of the places are also good. On the other hand, people generally have a sad experience of the places. Here on my website, I am trying to bring to you the best (in my opinion) and the true experience I have had while travelling.

I have done a detailed research of places, visited them, spoke to locals, have had my share of fun and now sharing my itinerary, directions, do’s and don’ts, tips etc. with all of you so that you can easily plan your trip without much research and without the involvement of travel agents. Through my travel blog I want to motivate more and more people to travel as much as possible. Believe me, it is the best break anyone can ever have. Imagine being in a new place, amongst new people and getting an opportunity to explore the destination and exploring you. It is such a stress buster from the hectic daily schedule. A Little Secret Guys… I myself keep a portion of my salary aside for my love for travelling. 

My trips itineraries are not that hectic, cover the best of the destinations, requires no backpackers budget, involves 3-5 star hotels and lists the most convenient travel options etc. which anyone travelling with friends/family/solo can afford and plan easily. I hope my blogs help you in your travel planning. GOOD LUCK FOLKS – Keep Travelling!!!